Our current and upcoming Studies

In this section, you can view the current and upcoming studies. If you are looking for further information in relation to any of these food trials, please email studies@atlantiafoodtrials.com

Fibre Study

Glucose Response Study

Iron Study

Osteopenia Study

Type II Diabetes Study

Knee Discomfort Study

Tomato Study

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Digestive Health

Bowel function, digestive discomfort, IBS, constipation, digestion/absorption of nutrients

Sports & Physical Performance

Strength, endurance, muscle mass, mobility, aerobic & cardiorespiratory fitness

Healthy Ageing

Cognition, sarcopenia, bone health, joint health, blood pressure, agility

Mental & Cognitive Health

Psychological stress, cognitive function, memory, mood, anxiety

Cardiovascular Health

Blood pressure, blood flow, metabolic health, energy & nutrient intake, cholesterol

Immune Health

Probiotic viability, Allergens, immune/inflammatory response

Nutritional Health

Blood protein, triglycerides, vitamin & mineral studies, micronutrient analysis

Weight Management

Obesity, body composition, blood glucose, hormones, metabolic markers, energy & nutrient intake