New clinical trials for osteoarthritis take place in Cork

(Healthy Ireland 24.09.17)

Cork based clinical trials company Atlantia has announced plans to kick – start, what is describes as an important new study, to tackle one of the most prevalent diseases facing the population today – osteoarthritis.

The company, which conducts clinical research across a wide range of foods and their extracts, is calling on sufferers of the joint disease to come forward to take part in what it said is ground breaking research.

Two separate studies will be carried out, with one focusing on the investigation of the effect of natural fish extracts on alleviating the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee, while the other will investigate the effect of a raspberry extract on reducing the symptoms of the disease, also in the knee.

Currently 750,000 Irish people are affected by osteoarthritis, and one in five people in Ireland will suffer from some form of arthritis over the course of their lives.

Osteoarthritis, which is the ‘wear-and-tear’ form of arthritis, results in joint and cartilage damage and increased risk of orthopaedic dependencies.

According to Atlantia, it has been forecasted that the frequency of osteoarthritis cases is expected to double by 2020. “The disease can range from mild to chronic but its prevalence is increasing significantly,” Barry Skillington director at Atlantia, said.  The clinical trials are currently taking place.