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(Irish Food 11.12.17)

Food Clinical Trials is a dynamic company providing clinical studies expertise for the food beverage and supplements sector. It delivers comprehensive end to end solutions for human intervention studies in functional ingredients in foods and beverages, nutraceuticals, medical foods, dietary supplements and infant formula. The Atlantia headquarters also provides extensive clinical trials, with nine clinic rooms, offices and phlebotomy rooms, interview rooms and a central lad. It has two clinic sites in Cork. Its acute facility can run short feed trials and collect volunteers’ blood, saliva or urine samples for parameter analysis.

Its new facility has phlebotomy, interview, food preparation, serving and relaxation areas, as well as offices, storage and a small laboratory. Atlantia works with leading European scientists across various partner institutions and provides clients with a range of options based on their needs. It manages all aspects of trials from protocol design through to recruitment, execution, data analysis and report/dossier preparation. It can also provide the specific elements of trial. Atlantia has a high flexible structure, with capabilities across the spectrum of functional food and beverage categories, such as dairy, probiotics, proteins, infant specific foods, vitamins/minerals and medical foods.