Cork Company Of The Year Awards 2018

(Irish Examiner 15.01.18)

With a client base that already includes the world’s largest food

companies, Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is well on its way to realising its desire to become a world leader in its field.

That means becoming a world leader in food clinical research services, and enabling the advancement of functional foods and ingredients in the treatment and prevention of human health issues.

In lay terms, Atlantia examines important nutritional conundrums, such as how the world’s largest food companies can state that their dairy products can lower cholesterol levels, how certain yoghurts can help in weight loss, or how fish protein supplements can reduce aching joints.

Andrea Doolan, CEO of Atlantia Food Clinical Trials, which explores if claims made by companies regarding the health benefits of their foodstuffs are accurate.

Put simply, Atlantia explores whether or not claims made by companies regarding the health benefits of foodstuff or health supplements are accurate.

The Blackpool-based firm’s expert and committed clinical research teams design and conduct ground-breaking commercial research programmes, with the support of a pool of study volunteers.

Investigations centre on natural food extracts, derivatives and probiotics, generating analytics to influence the future of food development, it says.

It is no exaggeration to suggest Atlantia has set the highest scientific standards since it was 2012, when it became commercially independent, having outgrown its UCC base.

Study participants come from all walks of life with varying levels of fitness and health, according to Atlantia.

It typically conducts research in gastrointestinal,mental and cognitive, cardiovascular, health aging, nutritional, immune and inflammatory health areas as well as sports performance.

It works with scientists at centres such as APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork, Teagasc Moorepark, Cork University Hospital, Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre and numerous healthcare facilities.

A current study will establish the impact of a fruit extract on alleviating pain symptoms in the knees.

Chief executive of Atlantia Food Clinical Trial, Andrea Doolan said being nominated as a finalist in the SME category of the Cork Chamber Company of the Year Awards has inspired the firm to set standards in 2018 even higher than the excellence reached in recent years.

“We are truly delighted and honoured to be a finalist in the SME category. This whole process has been thriling for us,” she said.

“Thinking about our business, presenting to the judging panel on key milestones, providing recognition to our tremendous team, our wonderful study participants, partner institutions and clients has just put more fire in our bellies to keep driving our strategic growth, both at home here in Cork and overseas in 2018′.