What We Do

Here at Atlantia, all our trials are based on foods, food extracts or beverages to find natural alternatives to benefit health. We do not conduct trials using pharmaceuticals, but we do operate to ICH GCP (International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use – Good Clinical Practice) standards – which is the same level of safety expected from pharmaceutical trials.

Our trials cover various areas of health and we specialise in trials with healthy populations but do conduct trials on populations that suffer from conditions such as COPD, cholesterol, obesity & sarcopenia.

We work with International food companies (or “Sponsors”) that want to make a health claim on their product. Scientific validation is required to support a health claim and we aid companies to achieve this.

Iron Study

Exercise Study

Weight Management Study

Prediabetes – Probiotic Study

Protein Response Study

Glycaemic Response Study

Ulcerative Colitis Study